A Morning Downtown


Not too long ago, I decided I want to expand my photography hobby. Meaning, I want to do something more with my photography skills. So this came down to the idea to do portrait photography; to capture the moments of other people creating memories, and so they can look back at these pictures and be reminded of happy times.

I asked my best friend, Hanna, if I could take pictures of her so I could practice my portrait photography, and that week we went downtown to have a fun, little photo shoot. We went downtown early, and it was a different experience than what I’ve had before. There wasn’t too many people, and there were actually parking spots! After the shoot, we went to a nearby coffee shop to enjoy the rest of the morning before we had to get on with the rest of our day.

I encourage you to expand one of your hobbies or try a new one, and go outside your comfort zone. You never know where it will take you.

xo- Autumn

P.S. A few weeks ago, I took pictures of my sister during a beautiful summer sunset. So check out that blog post here!


Motivation Tips


We all have that little voice inside our heads that’s telling us, “eh, I can do that later.” In other words, the “procrastination voice.” There’s always a day where we aren’t feeling up to doing a certain job, but you know you have to get it done. Or you have a free day where you can finally get things done, but when you wake up that morning you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

So today I’m sharing some tips to get you get or stay motivated and back at conquering the world. These tips I have for you are from what I learned from other people, and also what I find works well for me.

  • Listen to some good music. I find that playing music while you do your work, or exercising, or chores, makes doing the job a lot more fun. It also helps you stay focused. So I suggest creating a playlist you can jam out to. While I’m studying for school, I like to listen to classical music. It helps me focus on what I’m studying, and blocks out what’s going on outside of my brain.
  • Get something to motivate you and reward yourself. Sometimes when I’m feeling totally unmotivated, I’ll buy myself a coffee to motivate me. Coffee is something I love, and it just makes me happy; so sipping on a coffee and doing something I don’t feel like doing makes life so much easier. You can buy yourself a little treat to help you get motivated. Or you can reward yourself by watching a favorite show or buying yourself something you’ve had your eye on after you’ve completed your list.
  • Go outside and take a walk. Sometimes if you’re in the same room for a while, you tend to get sick of the environment and you begin to feel unmotivated. At this point in time, a friend suggested to me to go outside and take a walk. You get a different scenery, some fresh air, and a renewal to start over.
  • Think about the positive. Think about the benefits and pros you’re getting out of the work you have to do. For example, if you don’t want to go to your job, think about the hours you’re getting and the money you’re making. Everyone likes money, right? 😉 If you’re feeling unmotivated to practice your instrument, think about how you have the capability to play this beautiful instrument and create wonderful music. Thinking about the positive stuff will make you feel a lot better.036
  • If your work is portable, go somewhere outside your home. For instance, if some work you have to get done is on a computer, or you have to read a book for school, go to a café or a park. Going somewhere can increase your motivation by a lot. A change of the environment and a change of scenery is always good. 😉 I find that even going out on your porch to do homework or work is really motivating because then I’m not stuck inside.
  • Work with friends. We all know it, friends just make everything better. 🙂 Ask your friends if you want to go to a coffee shop or come over to your house to get some things done together. During school, doing homework with your friends makes the grudge not so bad, and makes the time go by faster.
  • Choose a certain time of day to do your work. Tell yourself, “Okay, I’m going to do this at 10.” Telling yourself you’re going to do a certain thing at a certain time can help motivate you to just get the job done. And when you tell yourself you’re going to do that thing at that time, DO IT. Don’t run away from it, you got it!
  • Make a ‘To Do List’ and get the list done at a certain time. Just write down all the things you need to get done for the day and tell yourself you’re going to get it all done by this time. Make it easy on yourself and start with the easy jobs first, then work your way up to the harder and more time consuming ones. If your able, write your to-do list the night before, and then the next morning you can wake up, do your morning routine, then start your list.

That’s all the tips I have for you. Really in the end, it’s all about that little voice inside your head. It’s just the fact at ignoring that little “procrastination voice” and just getting started. You’ll feel better once it’s all done!

I’m definitely still working on my own self-motivation, but I’m practicing on telling myself that I can do this, and it will all be better in the end!

So let’s gets started on that list, shall we? 😉 Have a great day, and make every moment count. ❤

xo- Autumn183

Bedroom Makeover

There’s something about redecorating your room that makes you so motivated and inspired again to do things. Whenever I do a deep clean to my room, I feel refreshed and ready to go again to take on the world. I think having a personalized room is so important. Adding things that remind you of your accomplishments can just bring joy into your day, especially if you’re not having a very good one. Even hanging up photographs of important people in your life or things that remind us of our goals can help remind us to keep going in life, and to not give up. These are important factors that I keep in mind when I’m redecorating. I also find that the more simple and clean-looking it is, the better. As for my desk area (as you will see below), as days and months go by, it tends to get more filled up with photographs and memories and inspirations because life is a never ending joy, and it’s important to hang up the fun memories.  A couple weeks ago I redid my Great Grandpa’s bedside tables (I wrote about that process here) and since I was adding two bigger night stands to my room, I had to do some thinking on how I was going to make them look in my room. Redecorating makes me so happy, and I’m even more overjoyed when everything is put together. Along with the redecorating, I decided to reorganize my room and give it a nice, deep clean. This was mainly my desk area. It was a mess and it was time to reorganize and get rid of unnecessary things I don’t use. So I finally finished taking pictures of my room, and you’ll see all of them down below. 🙂

Excuse the laundry you see here in this picture. 😉

2a.JPG114.JPG106.JPG128The plant that you see is a coffee plant. No, it doesn’t actually grow coffee, but it’s an air purifier. To be completely honest, I am a plant killer; I even managed to kill a succulent–a cactus one! But so far this one has survived. It lets me know when it needs water because the leaves start drooping. So maybe an air purifying plant is what I need for my room. 9.JPG10.JPG11.JPG12.JPG13.JPGThis is my desk area. I’d say this is the area that inspires me the most, given the fact my inspiration wall is right in front of me when I’m sitting at my desk. Last year I made the hanging rope shelf from the awesome blog A Beautiful Mess. I use this to put inspiring things on. For instance, my accomplishments, fun memories, and things to remind me of my goals in life. For the hanging polaroids, I just took some twine, tied it to the hooks and hung my photos with white clothes pins I found at a craft store. Easiest DIY EVER. 😉 15.JPG16.JPG17.JPG14.JPG18.JPG19a.JPGThis is just my little quad board (I call it). I put my to do lists, quotes, and pictures on it. I just cleaned it off, so as the year goes on it will get covered again. 🙂 20.JPG21.JPGThen there’s my dresser. I just have little decorations on it to give it that personal vibe. 22.JPG23a.JPG24.JPGYou made it to the end! That’s my room for ya. I hope this inspires you to redo your room if you’re looking for a change. 😉 Have a lovely day.

xo, Autumn

DIY Bedside Tables


So I recently organized and redecorated my bedroom, and these bedside tables that I refurbished are a new feature in it. These tables are special to me because I got them from my Great Grandpa who passed away a few months ago. I thought these were the perfect fit for my room to display stuff, and since I was in need for a bigger night stand. Above are the bedside tables after I sanded them. I took the knobs off before I sanded them of course. 😉 I decided to spray paint them white with black knobs. My sister, Sophia, spray painted a dresser she got from our Great Grandpa and it turned out really well.


The top of the tables are laminate, but that didn’t affect the spray paint at all! It didn’t sand well except for the edges, so I just decided to go for it. 6

Here are the knobs before I spray painted them black.


For the tables I used Rust-Oleum semi-gloss white spray paint that I got from Home Depot. I used about 3-4 cans of spray paint. To be honest, I thought they were only going to need one, but it turns out that the tables needed many coats. So I think I went to the store about three times. The black spray paint was just an extra can that we had laying around.


And here’s the after! The tables turned out really well. I adhered the spray paint with a matte finishing coat after I was completely finished and the paint was all dry. I got this project done over the course of a few days, and I am so happy with the final product!


It was super fun decorating them, and I love how they look in my room. Since I was adding these bedside tables I decided to reorganize and redecorate my entire room. I plan on doing a blog post on that, so stay tuned for that post. 😉

I hope you have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to smile. 🙂

XO- Autumn


Perfect Sunset



I thought I would share a few photos that I took of my beautiful sister. I have a passion for photography. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I love being creative with photos! On this lovely evening, the lighting was perfect; hence the reason why this post is called ‘Perfect Continue reading “Perfect Sunset”