Nature Therapy


I find that nature can be the best therapy whenever you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or you just need new scenery. It’s an escape from life and all your worries. It can give you inspiration and bring you back to reality. I’ve been craving for an adventure, and I needed to get out in nature and embrace the beautiful fall scenery before winter hits. So I asked my friend, Hanna, if she wanted to go on a drive and explore, and to capture fall colors. I had the best time. We ended up walking a little hiking trail that led to a cave. We explored the dark hole, and let our imaginations go wild about this huge metal thing that went endlessly into the dark cave.

By the end of the day I was so tired. Even though I could have been tired due to getting five hours of sleep the night before, the tiredness was the side affect of adventure, laughter, and memories I’ll cherish forever. Go out and explore the beautiful world, take lots of photographs, and embrace every moment.

xo- Autumn


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