Quick and Affordable Christmas Gift🎄

fullsizeoutput_25d Looking for a cheap, but cute Christmas gift for a sweet friend? Well I got you covered. With these DIY marbled mugs, and a few goodies, you’ll be giving your friend an awesome gift. Let me tell you, these mugs are so easy to make! Not to mention, they make a great last minute gift as well! Just run into your Dollar Store, grab a mug (and maybe some nail polish if you don’t have it😉) and starting creating!

What you need:

  • a mug
  • nail polish (the more pigmented the color, the better)
  • warm water
  • toothpicks

Here’s how:fullsizeoutput_24bPour your nail polish into the warm water until the color starts to disperse. I recommend putting a decent amount of color into the water, so you’re confident that it will show up on your mug.fullsizeoutput_24eQuickly take a toothpick (I used a skewer☺️) and swirl the nail polish around so it makes a cool marble design.fullsizeoutput_24fGrab your mug, dip, and see the magic!fullsizeoutput_250fullsizeoutput_251The nail polish is like a film on the mug, so hand wash it carefully! There’s a little bit of blue on this mug from the previous color that I used, but it’s okay because that’s what makes it unique! At this point, set your mug down to dry. I let mine sit for the rest of the day and overnight. fullsizeoutput_255Fill your cute mug with some goodies, and your done! I filled my mugs with a face mask, some lip balm, fuzzy socks, and a candy bar.☺️ fullsizeoutput_254These mugs make the cutest, and easiest gift. I’m actually giving these mugs to a couple of my sweet friends. I’m also going to stick a little note in the mug explaining to hand wash carefully. This DIY could be a great gift for any occasion. You can even make it for yourself, and enjoy your warm drink in it. I’m highly considering making a black and gray one.😊

I hope you enjoyed this, and let me know some ideas you’d like me to blog. Should I make a video of my next DIY?!

Have a great holiday season filled with joy and peace.❤️




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