San Diego, California

fullsizeoutput_2d3Hey there! I wanted to share a few photos from my day trip to San Diego. I flew down to California to visit my family, however, everyone was busy one day, so I decided to take a train to San Diego and explore the great city! Not to mention that the 6:30 A.M. train was 45 minutes late and I literally caught the next train a minute before it left. It was my very first time adventuring an unknown place by myself, and it was such a wonderful experience. So this post is kind of like a travel guide of San Diego. My aunt told me where to go and what the major sightseeing places are, so I’m basically passing that along to you if you ever end up in this cool town. fullsizeoutput_2eaSo I took the train from San Clemente to Oceanside, then from Oceanside to downtown San Diego. When I got off the train it was raining, so I figured this would be a great time to grab some breakfast. I used the app, Yelp, to find a good cafe. I ended up finding my way to  Kuma cafe. I had the egg, ham, and cheese sandwich and it was delicious! The cafe was the cutest place, and it was right downtown.fullsizeoutput_2e9fullsizeoutput_2ecfullsizeoutput_2edfullsizeoutput_2f6By the time I was done with breakfast it stopped raining, so I walked down to the harbor. There’s a walking trail that goes all along the harbor. There were so many people jogging, socializing, and enjoying the view. Along the harbor is the Midway. That ship is HUGE. It was used during World War II. I didn’t take the tour of the ship-I heard it takes a couple hours, and I had so much more to see before the afternoon train departed. fullsizeoutput_2eeRecognize this statue? When I saw this I was amazed. This is right next to the Midway. The walking trail goes through a place called Seaport Village. There’s a bunch of places you can eat here, and also a couple shops. fullsizeoutput_2fdfullsizeoutput_2f5fullsizeoutput_2f1fullsizeoutput_2f2The trail goes around the Convention Center, and eventually you see Petco Park (a baseball field). I walked along the street to the Gaslamp District. The District consists of a ton of tourist shops and restaurants. It’s a great place to get souvenirs and postcards.😊fullsizeoutput_2f3fullsizeoutput_2f4fullsizeoutput_2f7After exploring some shops, I just kept walking along the walkway and embracing the view of the big buildings. I eventually made my way back to the train station. I noticed that there were maps everywhere in the city, so that’s very helpful. I’ll post down below the map that I used. There’s also a little area in town called ‘Little Italy’ and I believe the cafe where I ate my breakfast is part of that area. Overall, I basically walked a big loop sightseeing most of the touristy spots of the city. This day was a great experience for me as an individual. I was super happy that I got to add one more place that I’ve been to on my list. San Diego is definitely a place I would go back to again.❤️





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