Southern California

fullsizeoutput_41efullsizeoutput_41bfullsizeoutput_419fullsizeoutput_25fTo finish up my mini series from California, I thought I would make this post a little more broader and include some of my favorite photos I took throughout my whole week that I was there. I’ve been really getting into nature photography, so it was so fun to shoot some different scenery and get more practice in. I’d say the hardest thing about photography is the lighting that you’re dealing with. When you’re out exploring, you’re definitely not going to have the perfect lighting everywhere you go. So you have to adjust. I think that’s what makes photography so fun, and also what makes me want to keep practicing every day and figure out the whole mystery behind it. I truly love capturing earth’s most beautiful moments.

The last three photos you saw is 1,000 step beach. I only got to go to this beach once, but I instantly fell in love with it. The stairs literally pop out of nowhere along the street, and it literally feels like a 1,000 steps until you get to the hidden beach.

But look at that pathway! It’s so beautiful! You have good scenery on the way down, and it’s great exercise when you’re coming back up.

Down the beach a ways is a very photogenic cave where lots of photographers do shoots (well, that’s what my cousin told me). But, there was actually a shoot in the process when we were there! On the other side of the cave is more rocks, a little sand, and lots of ocean. 😉


Laguna Beach: the cutest town you ever did see.


San Clemente Pier

img_0088fullsizeoutput_420One thing that I really miss about California is its EPIC sunsets. Starting from day one there was a beautiful sunset, and I got the privilege to capture and experience one every single day. Don’t get me wrong, Washington has beautiful sunsets also. But in December it seems to be always cloudy here, and I miss some good Vitamin D with a sunset in the evening.

My cousin, Dakota, kept telling me that he was sorry how the day turned out; hazy. But I couldn’t care any less than the world. I was beyond amazed by the admirable ocean and the sun setting at the endless horizon. I was so thankful. (Plus it was much warmer there, and I could actually wear a short sleeve outside without my arms getting frost bite.)fullsizeoutput_2d6fullsizeoutput_428fullsizeoutput_2cdfullsizeoutput_2cffullsizeoutput_2cefullsizeoutput_2c9One evening, Dakota took me up a canyon and I got to take in some California nature. One thing that I love about California is you have almost about every aspect of nature. You have the ocean, the city, cute towns, canyons, forests, and even snow; and it’s all just a short drive away. Also, the majority of the days there consist of bright and sunny blue skies with of course some cloudy and rainy days every once in a while. But I think we all need those days. 😉

This evening consisted of another golden sunset. I’m telling ya, sunsets are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Even the sunrise. It just brings me so much happiness. That’s also golden hour, and it’s the most perfect time to get some good photographs. fullsizeoutput_2a5fullsizeoutput_426

Hey, look, there’s an airplane!


5th grade; driving back from Disneyland.

“Oh hey! We’re driving through L.A. Let’s stop!”

Gets out of car for five minutes. Walks a 1/2 block of the sidewalk of stars. Gets back in car. Leaves. Oh, and saw the Hollywood sign for like two seconds.

Yep. That was my first experience of Hollywood. This time, along with being a little bit older, I got to really experience it. We walked downtown Hollywood, went out for lunch, and then hiked a trail up towards the Hollywood sign. We didn’t go all the way to it, because time was a little crunch. But next time I definitely want to hike to it. In fact, I would love to spend a couple days in L.A. just to really get the feel of the city.

However, Dakota and I did get up at 5 A.M. and drove to L.A. for a quick “business” thing. That morning I got to see Rodeo Drive and all those high-end brands. That was pretty cool. 😉 Then we drove back. But also, my last night there, I went to one of Dakota’s get-togethers that was in downtown L.A., so I still got some quick, little experiences.fullsizeoutput_424fullsizeoutput_421If you’re ever in L.A., Pressed Juicery is a place you have to go to. It’s so good, and healthy! If we had one where I live, I would seriously spend all my money there-it’s that good.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Kayaking at Dana Point

fullsizeoutput_42afullsizeoutput_42bfullsizeoutput_42dfullsizeoutput_42cAnd of course there’s no better picture to end this post with than of the ocean. I absolutely love the ocean. Who knows, maybe California would be a place I live someday. If I did live there, I may pick up some surfing lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. We’ll see where life takes me. 🙂

As of right now, I am sitting here writing this post and appreciating where I am right now with what I have. This is definitely something huge that I learned coming into the new year. I had such a great experience in California, and I want to thank my family down there for making that experience so great and memorable. And also thank you to my parents for letting me fly down. Super grateful for that.

Don’t forget to check out my San Diego and Laguna Beach posts! During the week I was in California I took a train to San Diego and explored that great city! I go into detail of where I went and saw. 🙂

On another note, some other places that I want to go to in California is San Francisco, Big Sur, and Palm Springs. We’ll see if 2017 brings that. 😉 I’m also really wanting to go to New York City.🙈 I can already tell 2017 is going to bring big things, and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Keep dreaming loves, and keep working hard towards them.❤️


San Diego post here!

Laguna Beach post here!






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