Winter Wonderland

fullsizeoutput_49efullsizeoutput_46cYep, we’re still having a good, solid winter up here in Washington State. I noticed that I haven’t shared any of my wintery, nature photos on here yet due to me sharing the nice, warm California photos, and also other things that I wanted to share. 🙂

There’s no way I can avoid the fact that it isn’t winter up here, since we’ve had many nights of ice storms and then school being delayed the next day. I can’t complain about school being delayed, because who doesn’t like that?! But I actually like my classes and want to go to school, so sometimes it sucks when one of my classes gets cancelled. But then there’s the part where I don’t want to drive on the icy, life-threatening roads, and would be okay with just staying warm and cozy at home, in my bed.

I’m to the point where I’m saying, “okay, Mother Nature, Christmas is over now. The snow can go away.”

But, nope. It keeps coming. Or more like freezing rain.

But there was a day, Super Bowl day, where it WOULD NOT STOP SNOWING. I couldn’t tell you how many inches we got–A LOT. Yep, school was delayed, and I was out there helping the family shovel the mountains of snow.

No offense to all the people who love winter, I love it too at times. Snow creates these beautiful, magical moments that I have the privilege to capture with my camera. So I’m sharing those with you today! These photos are from over the last couple winter months; varying from cloudy snowy days to beautiful blue sky, lets-take-in-some-vitamin-D days. So from me to you. Enjoy and tell me what you think! 🙂


P.S.  How’s the winter like where you live?fullsizeoutput_4effullsizeoutput_4a0fullsizeoutput_49dfullsizeoutput_4a1fullsizeoutput_498img_0946fullsizeoutput_462img_1636img_1634fullsizeoutput_4f0fullsizeoutput_46afullsizeoutput_4c2fullsizeoutput_4e5fullsizeoutput_4f6fullsizeoutput_4e9\