Winter Wonderland

Yep, we're still having a good, solid winter up here in Washington State. I noticed that I haven't shared any of my wintery, nature photos on here yet due to me sharing the nice, warm California photos, and also other things that I wanted to share. 🙂 There's no way I can avoid the fact … Continue reading Winter Wonderland


Laguna Beach

The ocean puts me in a place that I can't even explain. The sound of the waves crashing onto the beach, the endless horizon, the deep blue color. There's something about the ocean that brings pure joy and peace to me. This view point off of Laguna Beach was absolutely spectacular, so I wanted to … Continue reading Laguna Beach

Nature Therapy

I find that nature can be the best therapy whenever you're stressed, overwhelmed, or you just need new scenery. It's an escape from life and all your worries. It can give you inspiration and bring you back to reality. I've been craving for an adventure, and I needed to get out in nature and embrace … Continue reading Nature Therapy

A Morning Downtown

Not too long ago, I decided I want to expand my photography hobby. Meaning, I want to do something more with my photography skills. So this came down to the idea to do portrait photography; to capture the moments of other people creating memories, and so they can look back at these pictures and be … Continue reading A Morning Downtown

Perfect Sunset

Hello! I thought I would share a few photos that I took of my beautiful sister. I have a passion for photography. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I love being creative with photos! On this lovely evening, the lighting was perfect; hence the reason why this post is called ‘Perfect Sunset.’ At first … Continue reading Perfect Sunset