Dog Moments

Hello my beautiful people! I know, it's been a while. It's been a crazy couple of months from graduating high school, to working early (I mean EARLY) mornings for cherry harvest. But I'm back now, and there's some exciting posts coming up! I'm heading to Europe tomorrow and I'm so stoked! It'll be my first … Continue reading Dog Moments


Winter Wonderland

Yep, we're still having a good, solid winter up here in Washington State. I noticed that I haven't shared any of my wintery, nature photos on here yet due to me sharing the nice, warm California photos, and also other things that I wanted to share. 🙂 There's no way I can avoid the fact … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Spread Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I guess I'll get straight to the point of this post: a lot of you may look at Valentine's Day as a romantic day for couples. A day full of smooches and hugs and lots of love. That's how I viewed it for quite a while, until I realized it's so much … Continue reading Spread Love

Nature Therapy

I find that nature can be the best therapy whenever you're stressed, overwhelmed, or you just need new scenery. It's an escape from life and all your worries. It can give you inspiration and bring you back to reality. I've been craving for an adventure, and I needed to get out in nature and embrace … Continue reading Nature Therapy

I’m Back! & a Little Self Talk..

Hey peeps! I know it's been forever since I last posted. Life just became quite busy once September hit. I've been working on college applications and I have been busy with school since that started a few weeks ago, along with cross country on top of that. I'm planning on getting back on track, and … Continue reading I’m Back! & a Little Self Talk..

The Little Things

Happy September everyone! I honestly can't believe that it's already the month of September. It's amazing how fast time flies by without us even knowing it. So this brings me down to the purpose of today's post. With it being the first of September, the season of fall approaching, and new things coming, I'm going … Continue reading The Little Things

A Morning Downtown

Not too long ago, I decided I want to expand my photography hobby. Meaning, I want to do something more with my photography skills. So this came down to the idea to do portrait photography; to capture the moments of other people creating memories, and so they can look back at these pictures and be … Continue reading A Morning Downtown